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Bbc Children In Need
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Who they support

Disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

Grant criteria

Not-for-profit organisations that work with disadvantaged children and young people of 18 years and under who live in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Grant details

There are Main Grants and Small Grants (up to £10,000 per annum for 3 years)

Application procedure

Online application form

Grants made

Over the last five years they've made 1105 significant donations totalling £77,414,078

When Amount Grantee To be used for
06/11/2015 £10,000 Skill Force Development This project will provide 4 social action projects for children and young people who are struggling at school have special educational needs or come from low income households it will help to improve their confidence and raise aspirations.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Home-Start Bridgwater Area This project will provide home support and group activities for disadvantaged families with young children. Helping them to access play opportunities and offering parenting advice leading to a healthier lifestyle and better family relationships.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK This project will fund a weekend of activities for young people with spinal muscular atrophy. They will have the opportunity to make friends build self esteem and consider goals for the future.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Birmingham Churches Together This project provides activities along with a fortnightly parent and toddler group to refugee and asylum seeking families and children. The aim is to help reduce isolation for the children promote integration and improve confidence and wellbeing.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Old Goole Industrial & Provident Society This project will deliver youth activities through a homework club arts & crafts and cooking to young people from Goole.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Chinnbrook Children & Parents Project This project will provide fun and supportive activities for young carers The aims are to reduce the isolation that young carers feel boost their resilience and improve their sense of wellbeing.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Living Paintings This project supports blind and partially-sighted children and young people across the UK by providing a library of sensory books and learning packs. Children and young people will feel less isolated learn more and engage better with family and friends.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Community Solutions North West This project aims to engage families in physical activity sessions for families with complex and multiple needs.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Solihull Moors Football Club CIC This project will provide football sessions for disabled young people. Taking part will enable the young people to be more physically active be more confident and participate in positive activities.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Newcastle Women's Aid This project will deliver a child's individual support plan to cope living in a refuge within the city of Newcastle.
06/11/2015 £10,000 The Counselling and Family Centre Altrincham This project is for one-to-one counselling sessions in the economically deprived area of Broomwood in Trafford.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Ieuenctid Tysul Youth This project will provide specific issue-based youth work for young people living in a deprived rural area. They will have a greater understanding of their choices be better able to make informed choices and increase their confidence
06/11/2015 £10,000 Sudanese Community in Bolton This project will provide activities for war-traumatised Sudanese CYP including healthy eating and physical activities such as sports and horse-riding.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Break Charity The project will provide activities and trips for young carers and children and young people affected by family breakdown. The project will develop social skills improve confidence and support young people to make positive choices.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Midlothian Association Of Play Easter and summer holiday playschemes with trips and activities for young people living in low income areas. They will be more confident make friends be healthy and active improve their social skills and have fun.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Royal court Liverpool Trust This project will fund a one week residential for 15 CYP as well as weekly theatre workshops with a presentation in November. They will target CYP facing social exclusion anti-social behaviour and gang culture.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Ocean Youth Connexions This project will provide Taekwondo sessions for young people from a deprived area in Tower Hamlets. It will improve confidence lead to healthier lifestyles and increase involvement in their community.
06/11/2015 £10,000 R.E.A.L The project will allow young people from situations of multiple disadvantage to access a range of physical activities. The aim is to reduce crime and anti social behaviour increase reintegration with education and raise aspiration and build self esteem.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Home-Start Epsom Ewell & Banstead This project will provide home support/outings to children living in difficult situations including a family member with mental/health issues domestic violence or isolation. They will develop confidence improve emotional well-being and reduce isolation
06/11/2015 £10,000 Ladders Young Performers & Writers Club This project will provide arts/crafts sessions to young people who have learning difficulties live in poverty are from refugee/asylum seeker families and/or at risk of neglect and abuse increasing their confidence communication and leadership skills.
06/11/2015 £10,000 St Hilarys Nursery School This project will provide an all-purpose play area for a nursery providing services to children living in disadvantaged areas of Kent. Children will benefit through improved good health improved motor skills and increased communication skills.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Children and Families Staffordshire The project supports children who are disabled and have additional needs including those with life limiting illnesses and conditions. The activities aim to give the children access to fun developmental play activities and improve their emotional wellbeing
06/11/2015 £10,000 Bhutanese Welfare Association (UK) -- (BWA) This project will provide outreach for Bhutanese refugees in the form of a knowledge sharing forum cultural and educational activities and trips.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Home-Start Herefordshire This project will provide befriending support for young people experiencing isolation and distress. The service will ensure they build a good relationship with their parents develop their confidence and engage better at school.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Synchronicity Community Organisation This project will provide creative music activities for young people living in a deprived area. The aim is to improve social skills and reduce risky behaviour provide a sense of achievement and increase confidence and improve employability.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Turning Point Scotland This project will provide 20 disabled young people with a sensory room and other equipment for their youth group in Stranraer Dumfries and Galloway. It will help them have fun with friends learn skills and have improved overall wellbeing.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Reckitt Benckiser Netball Club This project will provide after school and holiday netball sessions for young people from 3 feeder primary schools in Hull who will work and play together.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Paragon Ensemble Ltd A Saturday morning music club for disabled children and young people aged 5-18 and their siblings. They will be more confident and independent; improve their social communication and creative skills; make friends and have fun.
06/11/2015 £10,000 C2C Social Action (Crime To Christ Charitable Trust) The project supports disadvantaged children and young people through a range of activities including arts crafts and educational sessions around healthy eating and staying safe. The aims are to improve self-esteem and develop social skills.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Childrens Foundation This project will deliver fun visits of trained 'Clown Doctors' into the wards of a large children's hospital within Newcastle covering the whole of the north east.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Wakefield and District Down's Syndrome Support Group This project will deliver speech and language therapy to down's syndrome young people living in and around Wakefield.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Volunteering Matters This project will provide two residential experiences for 30 vulnerable children and young people from North Lanarkshire. It will increase confidence support inclusion and increase aspiration.
06/11/2015 £10,000 Kent Film Foundation This project will provide weekly film making workshops for 150 children and young people living in a deprived area. It will increase creative skills life skills and increase self-esteem.
01/11/2015 £118,102 Fife Women's Aid This project will help families who have experienced domestic abuse. Support will be given before and after school and in holidays so children and mothers will feel safe and secure improve family relationships and reduce stress.
01/11/2015 £37,560 Leatherhead Youth Project Limited This project will provide three programmes to engage disadvantaged young people and provide practical support in order to improve their self-esteem and confident gain qualifications and enhance their resilience.
01/11/2015 £84,000 Freedom From Torture This project will provide counselling and therapy for children and young people who have been affected by torture helping to improve emotional wellbeing develop relationships and increase engagement with education.
01/11/2015 £91,521 Wolverhampton Youth Zone This project will provide an inclusive place for young disabled people to try out a wide range of sporting creative and life skills activities. The project will overcome barriers for disabled children increase their confidence and esteem.
01/11/2015 £54,988 Reigate and Banstead Women's Aid This project will provide needs led support and activities for children affected by domestic violence which will increase emotional wellbeing improve self-esteem and improve family relationships.
01/11/2015 £99,079 Charnwood 20:20 This project will provide group work drop-in sessions and one to one time for girls who need support with their health social and emotional issues. The aim is to increase self-esteem and healthier relationships with resilience towards exploitation.
01/11/2015 £69,006 Integrating Children This project will provide fun safe and interactive activities for children and young people living around north Durham.
01/11/2015 £51,002 Trevi House Ltd This project will support pre-school children and babies whilst living in a rehabilitation centre with their mothers who have an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. It will help the child to develop and improve the attachment between parent and child.
01/11/2015 £103,206 Getaway Girls This project will provide an early intervention programme to girls and young women from inner city Leeds who are at risk of sexual exploitation.
01/11/2015 £74,915 Young Concern Trust This project will provide counselling support to young people with poor educational attainment low aspirations and from deprived backgrounds. The young people will have an increased sense of well being better mental health and improved self esteem.
01/11/2015 £104,584 Carers Link lancashire Young Carers Project in Hyndburn and Ribble Valley to provide group work and 1-1s for young carers.
01/11/2015 £94,694 Canvey Island Youth Project This project will help children and young people deal with emotional distress and behavioural difficulties through a programme of support counselling and mediation enabling them to build resilience improve confidence and enhance communication skills.
01/11/2015 £80,870 Blackburn & Darwen District Without Abuse Ltd Young People's Domestic Abuse Service in Blackburn
01/11/2015 £48,000 Benbradagh Community Support This project will work with young people in a rural area on a programme of after-school weekend and school holiday activities and trips. It will encourage greater community engagement and will support young people to socialise in a safe space.
01/11/2015 £65,728 VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY SERVICES PEAKS AND DALES This project provides workshops and trips for children who have a disabled sibling and are often bullied at school or overlooked due to demands on the families. The aim is to help the children explore their feelings and share their experiences.
01/11/2015 £81,483 Aquarius Action Projects This project will support young people with drug and alcohol issues. Gardening nutrition session and one to one work will develop their resilience life skills and lead to a healthier lifestyle.
01/11/2015 £102,904 Peter Rigby Trust This project will provide conductive education 1-1 and group sessions for children with Cerebral Palsy. The activities will improve balance and coordination teach new skills and encourage cognitive development.
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