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Lloyds Bank Foundation
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People aged 17+

Grant criteria

UK Charities >1 year old, with income >£25k and <£1m

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Usually <£100k.

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Online application form

Grants made

Over the last five years they've made 2050 significant donations totalling £93,835,709

When Amount Grantee To be used for
05/08/2019 £75,000 ONE NORTH EAST LONDON Provides abstinence based treatment for addicts wishing to maintain a drug/alcohol free lifestyle. The grant will fund salary costs.
05/08/2019 £60,000 THE CATHEDRAL ARCHER PROJECT LIMITED The charity meets the holistic needs of people who are street homeless and those in temporary or poor quality housing, through a wide range of needs led services / activities. . The grant will fund the salary costs of the Volunteer Co-ordinator.
05/08/2019 £49,953 RECOVERY CYMRU COMMUNITY Providing peer led support for people overcoming addictions and associated problems. The grant will fund the salary for a community coordinator.
24/07/2019 £100,000 NOTRE DAME REFUGEE CENTRE Notre Dame Refugee Centre in Central London supports refugees and asylum seekers with immigration advice, practical support including meals and clothes, ESOL and access to health services. This grant contributes to its core costs.
23/07/2019 £99,025 KHIDMAT CENTRES The grant will support project costs of Khidmat Centres' prisoner resettlement work.
18/07/2019 £99,000 RESPOND Respond provides psychotherapy, advocacy and wider support to people with learning disabilities who have experienced abuse, violence or trauma to move forward positively and also provides support to their families. This funding is towards its core costs.
17/07/2019 £100,000 THE BRIDGE HOMELESSNESS TO HOPE The Bridge Homeless to Hope provides hot meals, one to one support, access to services and help to those that re homeless and most vulnerable in Leicester. The grant will support them to continue providing help to the homeless.
17/07/2019 £100,000 THE MUDLARKS COMMUNITY Mudlarks provides meaningful activity for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues including accredited training through its horticulture & gardening business & employment in its cafe. Our funding is contributing towards its core costs.
17/07/2019 £100,000 COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES PROJECT EALING (C.A.P.E.) CAPE supports people with severe and enduring mental ill health in Ealing to live more fully and positively in the community with a wide range of clinical and non clinical activities and services. This funding is contributing to its core costs.
17/07/2019 £100,000 EMMAUS LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Emmaus provides hostel accommodation, training and support for those that are homeless and are in need of additional support. The grant will support the running costs of the charity.
17/07/2019 £100,000 WIGHT DASH Wight Dash are requesting a contribution towards their core costs providing support to women with complex social issues including Domestic Abuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mental Health and dependency issues living on the Isle of Wight.
17/07/2019 £100,000 THE DASH CHARITY The Dash Charity is requesting a contribution towards their core running costs to support men and women and their children who are experiencing domestic abuse.
17/07/2019 £100,000 HAVERING WOMEN'S AID This Domestic Abuse charity provides a range of specialist support including Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy, counselling, a helpline, outreach and refuge accommodation for 27 families. Our grant will fund their counselling service.
17/07/2019 £100,000 SYNERGY THEATRE PROJECT This theatre company based in Brixton delivers arts interventions in prisons & schools to aid rehabilitation & reduce offending. Sector partners offer training & employment opportunities. Our funding is contributing to the charity's core costs.
17/07/2019 £100,000 SETTLE SUPPORT Settle supports vulnerable young people including care leavers, young parents and those who are vulnerably housed, across London maintain their tenancies through their programme of 1-1 tenancy, financial & life skills mentoring. This is a core costs grant
17/07/2019 £100,000 AURORA NEW DAWN Aurora New Dawn are requesting a contribution towards core running costs to provide advocacy and emotional support to victims and survivors of sexual violence, domestic abuse and stalking.
17/07/2019 £100,000 YMCA CORNWALL The charity supports young people who are homeless to manage their own home and to work towards a successful move into independent living. The funding will contribute towards the core costs of the charity.
17/07/2019 £100,000 STROUD BERESFORD LIMITED Stroud Beresford is requesting a contribution towards their core running costs to support women and their children who are experiencing domestic abuse.
17/07/2019 £100,000 SurvivorsUK Survivors UK provides counselling and therapy to male victims of rape and sexual abuse. The grant will support the cost of a counsellor to support male victims.
17/07/2019 £99,840 ARTS AT THE OLD FIRE STATION Arts at the Old Fire Station is requesting projects costs to support homeless people facing tough times move forward with their lives.
17/07/2019 £100,000 THE SOURCE YOUNG PEOPLE'S CHARITY The Source Young People's Charity is requesting a contribution towards their core costs to provide support to young people aged 17-25 years with multiple complex issues move forward with their lives.
17/07/2019 £90,000 WALTHAM FOREST CHURCHES NIGHT SHELTER-WFCNS LIMITED Waltham Forest Churches Night Shelter provides a 27-bed hostel and wrap-around support for rough sleepers and those with complex and high support needs from referral through to independent living. Our funding is contributing to their core costs.
17/07/2019 £99,979 REFUGEE AND MIGRANT FORUM OF ESSEX AND LONDON (RAMFEL) RAMFEL supports refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants across Redbridge and the neighbouring boroughs with destitution support, immigration advice, legal support and integration service. Our funding is for the Integration Advisor's salary costs.
17/07/2019 £99,790 EMPIRE FIGHTING CHANCE The charity supports young people. The funding will go towards the Training for Champions Programme and Boxing Therapy for young people experiencing mental health issues.
17/07/2019 £99,900 CAMBRIDGE WOMENS RESOURCES CENTRE The women's centre delivers trauma informed support to women experiencing a range of complex social issues including experience of the criminal justice system, street sex work, domestic & sexual abuse. Our funding contributes to the charity's core costs
17/07/2019 £100,000 EMMAUS BRISTOL The charity supports people who are homeless by providing a home, work opportunities plus practical and emotional support at the Emmaus community in Bristol. The funding will contribute towards the core costs of the charity.
17/07/2019 £100,000 WOMAN'S TRUST The Woman's Trust is a London charity providing counselling, psycho educational groups, self development and wider support to women survivors of domestic abuse. This grant is supporting its core costs.
17/07/2019 £99,080 UMBRELLA DERBY & DERBYSHIRE Umbrella Derby and Derbyshire provides activities and one to one support for individual with learning disabilities. The grant will support the management of the charity to help adults acquire skills and move towards independence.
17/07/2019 £100,000 KINGSLEY ORGANISATION LIMITED Kingsley Organisation are requesting a contribution to core costs to enable them to continue to support learning disabled people to become independent and enable them to achieve their best potential.
17/07/2019 £90,000 ACCOMMODATION CONCERN Accommodation Concern provides advice, support and outreach work to the homeless in the Kettering area. The grant will support the core costs of the charity to enable continued delivery.
17/07/2019 £98,000 EXETER COMMUNITY INITIATIVES The charity supports people who are facing disadvantage through a range of community-based projects. The grant will go towards the Transitions Project, supporting people who are vulnerably-housed and have poor mental health.
17/07/2019 £86,796 KEY4LIFE CIO Key4Life works with people leaving prison and with young people at risk of offending to support them to move forward positively. This grant is towards Key4Life's resilience and employability support programme for people leaving Brixton Prison
16/07/2019 £100,000 THE CENTRE FOR AFRICAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Centre for African Entrepreneurship is a South-Wales based charity that aims to inspire, support and promote African entrepreneurship, including working with asylum seekers and refugees. The grant is towards core costs.
16/07/2019 £99,000 HULL WOMEN'S AID The grant will contribute to core costs to provide support to women and their children experiencing domestic abuse.
16/07/2019 £100,000 ULVERSTON MIND LIMITED To provide a contribution towards the core costs of the charity.
16/07/2019 £100,000 BIRMINGHAM DISTRICT OF THE METHODIST CHURCH The Charity supports adult survivors of modern slavery. The grant funding will contribute to the salary of a Support Caseworker on the ADAVU project who provide face to face, emotional and practical support for them to rebuild their lives.
16/07/2019 £100,000 CALDERDALE WELLBEING The grant will support core costs of the charity.
16/07/2019 £99,995 CUMBRIA ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADVISORY SERVICE To contribute to the costs of running a countywide service across five different 'hubs'.
16/07/2019 £100,000 TOM HARRISON HOUSE Tom Harrison House supports veterans to sustain recovery from dependency and successfully reintegrate in civilian life. The grant will contribute to their core costs.
16/07/2019 £100,000 CARMARTHEN DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICES LTD Carmarthen Domestic Abuse Service supports victims of abuse in rural West Wales. The grant is towards core costs enabling the charity to deliver front line services and also help it to develop new work.
16/07/2019 £99,713 BRIGHT FUTURES NE To develop their pilot project to support young women who have been sexually exploited and/or trafficked.
16/07/2019 £96,000 M3 PROJECT The charity supports homeless young people (individuals and young parents) to end their homelessness and help them move on to independence. The grant funding will contribute to their core costs.
16/07/2019 £95,043 MAKE SOME NOISE LTD The Charity supports teenage parents in Stoke on Trent using music as the engagement tool. The grant funding will contribute to provision of one to one support, advocacy and workshops to build parenting and life skills addressing complex social issues.
16/07/2019 £99,444 South Wales Law Centre Speakeasy is a Cardiff based independent legal advice charity. The project grant will fund a specialist housing solicitor to tackle complex issues, which contribute to and result from vulnerable tenancies and an increased risk of homelessness.
16/07/2019 £100,000 JUSTLIFE FOUNDATION Justlife Foundation supports people living in unsupported, temporary accommodation and homelessness into appropriate, longer term accommodation. The funding will contribute to their core costs.
16/07/2019 £54,228 NEW HORIZONS MENTAL HEALTH New Horizons is an Aberdare based mental health charity supporting individuals in their recovery. The grant will provide a core investment enabling the organisation to deliver much needed services and also to support its development.
16/07/2019 £96,450 MOVING ON (DURHAM) LTD Project funding to support care leavers to gain and maintain tenancies and become more independent.
16/07/2019 £100,000 LEEDS GYPSY AND TRAVELLER EXCHANGE The funding will support core costs of Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange.
16/07/2019 £100,000 RE, SEXUAL, HARM, AWARENESS, PREVENTION AND EDUCATION (RESHAPE) The grant will contribute to support core costs of Re:Shape.
16/07/2019 £93,501 COVENTRY HAVEN The Charity supports women fleeing domestic violence. The grant funding will contribute towards the running of their refuge as well as running services including counselling, advice, guidance and training with volunteers who have lived experience.
16/07/2019 £99,000 DISPLACED PEOPLE IN ACTION LTD Displaced People in Action is a charity based in Cardiff. It has a mission to help refugees and asylum seekers to integrate into their new lives in Wales. The grant will provide core funding.
16/07/2019 £99,995 BIRMINGHAM RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE PROJECT The charity supports adult survivors of sexual violence across Birmingham and Solihull. The grant funding will contribute to the costs of providing therapeutic and a range of practical support services.
16/07/2019 £100,000 DOMESTIC ABUSE SAFETY UNIT NORTH WALES LTD DASU is a specialist domestic abuse charity in North East Wales providing services to both male and female victims of domestic abuse. The grant is towards core costs.
16/07/2019 £95,831 BEACON COUNSELLING Beacon Counselling provides mental health services to care leavers in Stockport and the surrounding areas. The grant will cover the costs to deliver this project.
16/07/2019 £100,000 VIDA SHEFFIELD The grant will contribute towards core costs of the charity.
16/07/2019 £99,660 SWANSEA YMCA YMCA Swansea works with young people who are disadvantaged by social inequality and poverty. Our grant will fund a Street Outreach Youth & Community Worker to deliver support to up to 20 homeless or at risk of homeless young people each year.
16/07/2019 £97,541 ARCH (NORTH EAST) To provide a contribution towards the core costs of the charity.
16/07/2019 £100,000 BLACKBURN AND DARWEN DISTRICT WITHOUT ABUSE LIMITED Blackburn Darwen and District Without Abuse delivers services to adults and children experiencing domestic violence and abuse and perpetrators. The funding will contribute to their core costs.
16/07/2019 £100,000 NATURAL ABILITY Funding to support the core costs of running the charity.
16/07/2019 £100,000 NORTH EAST LAW CENTRE The grant is a contribution towards core costs of the charity.
16/07/2019 £100,000 "MAUNDY RELIEF" (PASTORAL CARE IN THE COMMUNITY) The Maundy Relief Trust supports people with severe mental ill health with an immediate person-centred response to help them fulfil their human potential. The grant will contribute to their core costs.
05/07/2019 £98,924 RAPE CRISIS ENGLAND & WALES Funding for RCEW’s full-time policy officer. This role supports the coordination and development of Rape Crisis England & Wales work with policy makers and commissioners and to support RCEW member Rape Crisis Centres regarding national and local policy development and consultations, and commissioning; and the local implementation and impact of national policy and commissioning. The policy officer will monitor policy developments and identify opportunities to engage with and influence parliamentarians, senior policy makers and commissioners on sexual violence issues, specifically in regard to women and girls and sustainability of Rape Crisis support provision.
03/07/2019 £45,195 TOKKO LTD This will support this youth charity and the salaries of the Young Mothers worker and the Young Fathers worker to work with young parents under the age of 21. It will help them develop parenting and personal skills as well as address housing and education
03/07/2019 £75,000 INSPIRE AT ST PETER'S The grant will support the costs of delivering support services to vulnerable young parents aged 13 - 21 yrs across Southwark and parts of Lambeth.
03/07/2019 £75,000 LANDAU LIMITED Providing supported employment to people with learning disabilities. The grant will fund the salary of a Social Enterprise Development Officer.
03/07/2019 £54,700 SCARBOROUGH SOCIAL ACTION CENTRE (ST MARY'S WITH HOLY APOSTLES) The aim of this charity is to prevent homelessness. The grant will pay towards the salary of the Support Worker, contribution towards the centre accommodation, marketing and training costs.
03/07/2019 £75,000 ALPHA HOUSE CALDERDALE The charity provides supported accommodation and a range of therapeutic activities that enable clients that are experiencing a drug & alcohol addiction to break free from their dependency. A Care Plan Coordinator will add much needed capacity
01/07/2019 £8,760 WILD YOUNG PARENTS PROJECT WILD want to influence other partner agencies to develop an enhanced offer for all young parents in Cornwall, in line with the recommendations of Public Health England’s Teenage Parent Support Framework (2019). This grant covers the post of a Campaign Worker for one day a week, for one year, to work closely with other colleagues to make WILD campaign-ready, developing the foundations needed for successful longer-term influencing around embedding the Framework in local services.
26/06/2019 £15,000 COMMUNIGROW The grant will help to support the charity to address areas identified in their strategic and business planning which focus on fundraising and income generation strategy, volunteer recruitment, management and retention and monitooing and evaluation.
26/06/2019 £14,928 ZINTHIYA GANESHPANCHAN TRUST The grant will support this Leicester based charity to develop a fundraising strategy and increase the skills base of the charity to increase unrestricted funding
26/06/2019 £14,930 DEVON LINK-UP To undertake strategic planning process, development of income generation strategy and outcomes framework with full involvement of service users.
26/06/2019 £14,040 NORTH WALES RECOVERY COMMUNITIES To delivery a 12-month programme of organisational development support in order to strengthen this North Wales charity including seeking to deliver new services in Wrexham.
26/06/2019 £15,000 ASHA NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE Stoke on Trent charity supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers will pilot a service to address mental health and PTSD through group work, counselling and self management training.
26/06/2019 £15,000 PLATFORM FOR LIFE Platform for Life is requesting funding for consultancy support to diversify their income, develop a recruitment strategy, develop more holistic service and develop a strategic communications plan
26/06/2019 £14,980 ILLUMINATE CHARITY This small MH charity in Cambridge delivers coaching programmes to equip clients with the tools they need to manage their recovery and engage in volunteering/employment. They want to develop an earned income stream by delivering corporate training.
26/06/2019 £14,500 TALENT MATCH STAFFORDSHIRE CIO A Staffordshire charity shifting its focus from NEETS to Care leavers as a result of significant learning and emerging needs arising following 5 years work. This grant will inform this change and strengthen the organisations strategic direction.
26/06/2019 £14,184 THE RECOVER TEAM LIMITED The charity provides meaningful training & work experience for those experiencing dependency issues, poor mental health and learning disabilities within its furniture restoration and upcycling social enterprise.
26/06/2019 £15,000 ASYLUM WELCOME Asylum Welcome are requesting a grant to contract an IT consultant to develop and support their existing database and up skill their staff and volunteers to use it effectively.
26/06/2019 £13,108 CHOICES ISLINGTON Choices Islington is requesting funding towards staff and consultancy costs to develop a theory of change and to strengthen its monitoring and evaluation framework, supporting improved service delivery, forward planning and ability to demonstrate impact
26/06/2019 £14,983 INNER FLAME Inner Flame is requesting a grant towards the development and delivery of a pilot project using virtual reality, classroom and outdoor based activities and to support a targeted group of young people who are struggling with their Mental Health.
26/06/2019 £13,430 THE RAILWAY LAND WILDLIFE TRUST LIMITED The funding will support the salary of the Mental Health Project Coordinator for one year to address development areas in partnership working, research and monitoring and impact measurement.
26/06/2019 £12,000 HESSLE ROAD NETWORK Feasibility study costs to develop social housing to support young people who are vulnerably housed/homeless
26/06/2019 £15,000 APNA GHAR BME Women Together Partnership
18/06/2019 £30,000 GLOBAL DIALOGUE A project to invest in leadership development over a two-year pilot programme in the migration sector, led by Migration Exchange. This migration and refugee sector leadership programme will have an explicit focus on: building skills, resilience and support networks among selected current and potential leaders; supporting the development of leaders with a refugee or migrant background; supporting the development of leaders in organisations outside London. The aim is to develop a leadership programme that will transform the sector and contribute to positive change for people who migrate and seek refuge, and for wider society.
23/05/2019 £75,000 THE MAGDALENE GROUP The charity works to prevent sexual exploitation and coercion of women and young people. The grant will fund a Doorway Services Co-ordinator to work in the Doorway Women's Service empowering women to make healthy lifestyle choices and enable them to exit.
23/05/2019 £75,000 HEALTHY LIVING PROJECTS LIMITED The charity works with vulnerably housed people who are experiencing multiple disadvantages. The grant will contribute towards the employment costs of a Support Worker.
23/05/2019 £75,000 CARERS OF BARKING AND DAGENHAM providing support for new carers to enable them to be make positive decisions, improve their mental health and their confidence and to achieve improved employability. The grant will fund salaries of the Hospital Discharge Carer Support & Advocacy Worker
22/05/2019 £71,305 HERRING HOUSE TRUST (GREAT YARMOUTH) The charity supports single homeless people. Its Pathway Programme offers support to the most vulnerable with accommodation and intensive one to one support to help them move on and achieve positive outcomes.
22/05/2019 £74,860 AGE UK SHEPPEY The grant will support the Support at Home service that will allow older people on the Isle of Sheppey to remain living independently and stop the returning to hospital cycle. Specifically the grant will support a Co-ordinator and Support Administration.
14/05/2019 £72,000 EMMAUS SOUTH WALES The charity provides a community home for homeless people and operates social enterprises offering work experience. The grant will fund the Finance/ Administration Manager post, helping to develop the organisation's work with the homeless.
01/05/2019 £499,400 CHURCH OF ENGLAND CHILDREN'S SOCIETY The Children’s Society, working with a number of other partners, are piloting a new coordinated crisis support programme to better coordinate provision of emergency financial assistance within local areas. The programme will enable the voluntary and community sector to work together with local government to better coordinate crisis provision to ensure effective support for people facing a financial crisis and stop households falling through the net. The programme aims to address gaps in emergency support provision through better networking of different local agencies (including the Local Authority) involved in the provision of emergency assistance. It also aims to reduce repeat instances of financial crisis by addressing underlying causes.
23/04/2019 £9,780 NEW PHILANTHROPY CAPITAL Funding for two conferences, one in London and one in Manchester, to bring civil society together with the following aims: raise awareness of the issues facing the sector post-Brexit; galvanise the sector in its preparedness to overcome challenges; and provide a space for figures across the sector to come together to debate how Brexit might change the sector’s collective mission.
15/04/2019 £70,824 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS IN EXILE The Baobab Centre provides therapeutic and practical support to young refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced significant trauma before coming to the UK. It is seeking core funding towards salaries and running costs
15/04/2019 £50,000 DRIVE FORWARD FOUNDATION To support the salary of the Operations Director.
10/04/2019 £14,992 OPEN DOORS INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL To fund development of a theory of change and outcomes framework and implement the Upshot database.
10/04/2019 £14,924 NORTH TYNESIDE DISTRICT DISABILITY FORUM This funding would enable the charity to develop their monitoring and evaluation systems.
10/04/2019 £15,000 DIYYA Seeking external expertise and input to incorporate, train up trustees in their roles and strengthen their internal policies, systems and procedures. Ahead an Asset Transfer for their services supporting victims of domestic abuse from the Asian community.
10/04/2019 £13,249 MOTHERS FOR MOTHERS To develop a new monitoring framework, upgrade volunteer and staff training and explore options to generate income from it, and also to backfill staff time for the CEO to attend a leadership programme.
10/04/2019 £15,000 STEP UP HUB Step Up Hub is requesting funding to increase the staff hours of its CE and coordinator to develop its business plan, communications strategy, website, governance and policies
10/04/2019 £13,000 OCD ACTION OCD Action is requesting a grant to develop a new website for the charity and its services including its online forums
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