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Joseph Rowntree Foundation
(Registered Charity No: 210037)
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Grants made

Over the last five years they've made 113 significant donations totalling £8,301,971

When Amount Grantee To be used for
28/02/2018 £120,621 Conflict Resolution Services (Ireland) Conflict Resolution
28/02/2018 £12,500 Quaker Service Good Friday Agreement project
28/02/2018 £11,634 Unlock Democracy Extension of the Repeal Bill civil society co-ordination project
28/02/2018 £18,463 Omagh Support and Self Help Group Advocacy Project
28/02/2018 £120,000 Conflict monitoring and UK advocacy
28/02/2018 £135,000 Conciliation Resources Reducing the obstacles to and broadening the support for peacebuilding engagement with armed groups
28/02/2018 £99,173 Fawcett Society Equal power
28/02/2018 £60,000 Preventable Surprises Corporate political capture
28/02/2018 £120,000 Positive Money Ltd Escaping growth dependency
28/02/2018 £60,000 New Economy Organisers Network Media support for JRCT grantees
28/02/2018 £145,000 Women's Resource and Development Agency Women's Lobbyist NI
28/02/2018 £79,000 Forces Watch critical awareness work
28/02/2018 £49,376 Politics Project, The Talking gender
28/02/2018 £72,000 Trade Justice Movement, The Trade and democracy
28/02/2018 £59,365 Citizens UK (Safe Passage) Safe Passage's Advocacy team
28/02/2018 £39,473 Friends, Families & Travellers Gypsy, Traveller and Roma All-Party Parliamentary Group Secretariat
28/02/2018 £100,000 10:10 UK Core costs
28/02/2018 £45,000 Oil Change UK A managed decline of UK oil and gas production
28/02/2018 £20,560 Upper Space CIC Project costs and policy worker for the Adblock Bristol campaign
28/02/2018 £60,000 Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust Human Rights Consortium Scotland
28/02/2018 £10,000 British Future Enoch was wrong
28/02/2018 £76,080 Real Economy BRISTOL Limited Proving the benefit of community food centres
28/02/2018 £150,000 Future-Fit Foundation Growth funding
28/02/2018 £87,120 Bureau of Investigative Journalism, The The Bureau Investigates: Shadow Wars - Afghanistan
28/02/2018 £60,000 RECLAIM Communications manager
28/02/2018 £50,000 Rights & Accountability in Development (RAID) Core costs
28/02/2018 £120,000 Just Fair Core costs
28/02/2018 £42,000 Comms Lab, The Reclaiming Agency leadership programme
30/11/2017 £40,000 Human Rights Trust/Committee on the Administration of Justice CAJ's human rights work
30/11/2017 £120,000 Child Soldiers International Ending the military recruitment of children in the UK
30/11/2017 £120,000 Saferworld/Rethinking Security Rethinking Security coordination and operating costs
30/11/2017 £110,000 Black Training and Enterprise Group Core costs
30/11/2017 £135,000 Equality and Diversity Forum Core costs
30/11/2017 £20,000 University of Kent, School of Politics and International Relations Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems and international norms
30/11/2017 £120,000 Muslim Women's Network UK Building a network of Islamic Feminism Allies
30/11/2017 £70,000 Food Ethics Council Food Citizenship
30/11/2017 £111,000 Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade (TREAT)/CAAT Campaign Against Arms Trade research and education programme
30/11/2017 £100,000 BOND Enhancing the space for civil society
30/11/2017 £50,000 Internews UK Community and Media Journalism Partnership
30/11/2017 £66,000 Immigration Law Practitioners' Association Legal Officer
30/11/2017 £100,000 Migrants Organise Ltd National Migrant Community Organising Programme
30/11/2017 £20,000 New Economy Organisers Network KIN Community - UK Costs
30/11/2017 £120,000 Happy City Initiative Core costs
30/11/2017 £142,500 Reclaim the Agenda Building a sustainable Women's Movement
30/11/2017 £64,000 Medact/ICAN UK ICAN UK collaborative project to promote the UK joining the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
30/11/2017 £115,000 New Horizons in British Islam Empowering Muslim communities and tackling anti-Muslim prejudice
30/11/2017 £90,000 Politics Plus Programme costs
30/11/2017 £55,000 Two Ridings Community Foundation The local fund for York
30/11/2017 £105,000 Saferworld Peace and rights-based responses to terror and forced displacement
30/11/2017 £50,000 Bite The Ballot Core costs 2018
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