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Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Who they support

Step Change Fund - Projects that enable a ‘step change’ in financial terms. Community Resilience Grants - The priority areas are – Food distribution – Advice and support for the most vulnerable in communities, including: - The elderly - The homeless and those in danger of becoming homeless - At risk children - Those with medical conditions for whom the virus poses additional risks or undermines their ability to meet their daily living needs - Those who have lost their income and don’t qualify or must wait for government financial support. These needs may evolve as the crisis develops. For instance, expect to see increases in domestic abuse and mental health problems.

Grant criteria

Oxfordshire Community Foundation launched Community Resilience Grants from 1st April 2020. These are open on a rolling basis to allow processing of applications every few days and deliver vital funding quickly. During this time, only Step Change and Community Resilience grants rounds will continue to run.

Grant details

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE GRANTS Amounts available: £500 to £10,000 Maximum annual income: £3,000,000 Type of cost: Core costs, project work, general expenses. Closing date: Rolling programme. Applications assessed every few days. STEP CHANGE FUND Amounts available: £10,000–£50,000 in the first instance, with the possibility of further funding up to £25,000 for follow-on projects Group annual income: Minimum £75,000, maximum £750,000; total grants will be capped at £75,000 and will not normally be greater than 30% of the applicant’s annual income, should this be less Type of cost: Mergers, systems/premises upgrades, training, marketing or research Timescales: Spending can be planned over a year or more Next closing date: Wednesday 1st July at midday

Application procedure

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE GRANTS Please read the general eligibility criteria at the bottom of this page, which gives an overview of the criteria for this grants programme. You need to complete a short online application form. Your application will be assessed by our office-based grants team. Successful grants will be paid within one week of notification. STEP CHANGE FUND Before you consider applying to the Step Change Fund, you must download and read the full application guidance on the Foundation website. You should then contact them to discuss your potential Step Change project before applying. The Step Change Fund has a two-stage application process: Expression of Interest (EoI) and health check - The Step Change EoI is a short form completed in MS Word and submitted by the next deadline date to the Foundation, along with a health check prepared by OCVA. A copy of the form is downloadable on their website for reference, and details about the health check are in the full application guidance. If you are already in receipt of a Step Change grant and wish to apply again please contact the grants team on 01865 798666 or Your project must have concluded and an End of Grant report submitted before a further EoI will be considered. Detailed Bid A dedicated Step Change panel will meet and assess all applications. If your EoI is approved by the panel, you will be allocated a project manager and invited to present a Detailed Bid at the next panel. A copy of the Detailed Bid form is downloadable on their website for reference. If your Detailed Bid is approved, your project manager will work closely with you for the duration of your project, ensuring you complete the agreed milestones and reporting back to the panel.

Grants made

Over the last five years they've made 373 significant donations totalling £3,941,953

When Amount Grantee To be used for
07/05/2020 £7,490 Aspire Respond - wifi for homeless people being housed in hotels/hostels etc.
07/05/2020 £10,000 OCVA Advice & support - greater support for groups requiring targeted help with volunteer recruitment and support, also IT capacity and governance.
07/05/2020 £9,900 Oxfordshire Crossroads Food provision, advice & support - provide care support to old people and to their carers.
07/05/2020 £5,764 Citizens Advice North Oxfordshire and South Northamptonshire (Banbury CA Bureau) Advice & support - our community could still access the advice they needed, especially Universal Credit
07/05/2020 £5,000 SeeSaw Grant to SeeSaw
07/05/2020 £10,000 Emmaus Advice & support - continue to run our community with 28 rooms for people who have been homeless.
07/05/2020 £9,984 HENRY Grant to HENRY
04/05/2020 £3,538 SEBASTIAN'S ACTION TRUST Advice & support - provide practical, emotional and social support to seriously-ill children and their families.
04/05/2020 £1,500 The National House Project Advice & support - using internet video packages to stay in touch with our young poeple who are living alone in their properties without their much needed support networks.
04/05/2020 £10,000 RAW Advice & support - support young people via video/telephone. Core costs to ensure survival of RAW.
04/05/2020 £10,000 ARCH (Assisted Reading for Children in Oxfordshire) Advice & support - reading to disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire, enhancing their lives and improving their life chances.
04/05/2020 £4,620 Hinksey Sculling School Ltd Grant to Hinksey Sculling School Ltd
30/04/2020 £5,312 Sunshine Centre Advice & support - providing support to families via food distribution and regular checking in.
30/04/2020 £4,620 Barton Community Association Food distribution - Community Larder supporting local residents.
29/04/2020 £3,216 The Maple Tree Advice & support - supporting families of early years children.
29/04/2020 £4,800 Citizens Advice North Oxfordshire and South Northamptonshire (Banbury CA Bureau) Food distribution - to people in poverty or with health issues.
29/04/2020 £9,855 Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre Advice & support - listening services (telephone, email and text), to provide support to victims of sexual abuse.
29/04/2020 £3,116 Thrive Teams (Innovista) Advice & support - online youth work to build resilience and maintain a positive attitude through a time of challenging events
29/04/2020 £6,408 Dean Court Community Centre Association Advice & support - rebuilding our business once we are able to open our doors again.
29/04/2020 £4,415 Sobell House Hospice Charity Advice & support - to cope with the death of a loved one without also having to deal with social isolation.
29/04/2020 £5,000 Oxfordshire Association For The Blind Advice and Support - supporting the blind through Covid19 crisis. Continuing normal work.
28/04/2020 £3,000 Oxford Against Cutting Additional support from donor following request to temporarily change focus of their work in response to COVID-19
28/04/2020 £16,250 The Nasio Trust Response
27/04/2020 £6,230 Gatehouse Advice & support - fund our current temporary activities responding to pandemic, and enable us to return to offering full range of services, and re-opening of our drop-in centre.
27/04/2020 £5,000 Oxford Wood Recycling Advice & support - moving people towards employment, and our work in promoting good environmental practice
27/04/2020 £6,000 Age UK Oxfordshire Advice & Support - keeping older people exercising while in isolation.
27/04/2020 £10,000 Bridewell Organic Gardens Maintaining a strong connection online and by phone for service users with a trusted team of staff and volunteers.
27/04/2020 £4,000 Adventure Plus Advice & support - expand our provision for children and young people at risk, through our specialist Adventure Impact programme.
23/04/2020 £2,500 The Nasio Trust Advice and Support - continuing support for their work in keeping people safe.
23/04/2020 £9,810 Soundabout Advice & support - Children, young people and adults with severe or profound learning disabilities, and their families, will be able to participate in music making at home whilst isolated.
23/04/2020 £10,000 Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue Support & advice - adapting to remote planning and searchers to keep social distancing
23/04/2020 £3,500 West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau Advice & support - Providing additional resources in order to support vulnerable people with advice
23/04/2020 £10,000 One-Eighty Advice & support - mobilisation of organisation to reach vulnerable young people differently and to re-recruit specialist staff.
23/04/2020 £6,000 Thomas Giffords Charity Food distribution - serving self-isolated and vulnerable people in our community by shopping for food, personal necessities, and medicine and delivering the items to their homes
22/04/2020 £5,022 SSNAP (Support for the Sick Newborn and their Parents) Advice & support - support to parents of sick babies during the pandemic
22/04/2020 £10,000 Oxford Hub Advice & support - Oxford Together, the City's community response to coronavirus.
18/04/2020 £1,666 Aspire Advice & Support - Provide crisis services for rough sleepers and those living in temporary accommodation during this pandemic.
18/04/2020 £1,666 The Porch Food Distribution - Since the beginning of the outbreak we have seen the demands for our services grow, we are now serving an average of 130 and on occasion we have served 150 meals per day.
18/04/2020 £1,666 Gatehouse Food Distribution - to homeless people.
17/04/2020 £5,000 Archway Foundation Response
17/04/2020 £6,806 Oxfordshire Play Association Advice & Support - provide information and play ideas to our beneficiaries and their families, via social media and other channels
17/04/2020 £2,500 Clean Slate Advice & Support - Sexual, domestic and emotional abuse counselling and support sessions focused on dealing with issues arising, managing clients mental health needs and supporting them through this crisis.
17/04/2020 £1,000 Enrych Oxfordshire Advice & support - We are offering support to people without IT knowledge or equipment. Purchase Smart Phones to loan out to people who have no other access to online equipment
15/04/2020 £10,000 Banbury Young Homelessness Project Advice & support - Advice & support - BYHP supplies Mental Health intervention and support, counselling and family mediation. All these services are now being delivered virtually either through phone contact, facetime Zoom, WhatsApp and email.
15/04/2020 £6,096 Second Time Around Advice & support - We are in a situation where we currently have no income. We would use the grant to pay our property related expenses until such time as we are able to work with our service uses and trade again.
15/04/2020 £5,000 Oxfordshire Cruse Bereavement Care Advice & support - for children, young people and adults irrespective of the cause of death or the time lapse since death.
14/04/2020 £1,000 Mill Stream Day Centre Advice & support - focussed on supporting volunteer hub which is based in the Centre using Centre's infrastructure. The Hub provides shopping prescription collection, dog walking, signposting for isolated villagers.
14/04/2020 £9,080 Ark T Centre Food distribution - Ark-T had opened up a community larder in partnership with SOFEA and Oxford Together to ensure that those who were struggling to get food as a result of stockpiling could access food quickly.
14/04/2020 £5,245 BeFree Young Carers Advice & support - Charity staff are home working, using social media to engage with young carers across southern Oxfordshire encouraging healthy activities in the home
14/04/2020 £7,466 Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust (Maggie's Oxford) Advice & support - Advice & support - We're currently offering the following support: - Phone and email support from one of our professional members of staff. - One to one support from a clinical psychologist over the phone.
14/04/2020 £4,914 Citizens Advice Oxfordshire South and Vale Advice & support - Due to Coronavirus, we have stopped our face-to-face advice in our offices and at our outreaches. Instead, 60 advisers are working remotely, delivering advice by phone, email and webchat.
14/04/2020 £5,000 Sue Ryder South Oxfordshire Palliative Care Hub Advice & support - Our nurses are using personal protective equipment so they can support those people who are living with a life limiting condition at this very challenging time.
14/04/2020 £5,000 Donnington Doorstep Family Centre Advice & support - all staff were deployed in distributing food and care packages to as many families as possible.
14/04/2020 £5,000 NOMAD Advice & support - Food Bank, using the opportunity that food parcel deliveries give us to stay in contact with many of our client base. In addition we are using and developing electronic means to stay in touch with vulnerable individuals and families.
14/04/2020 £5,000 Riverside Counselling Service Advice & support - counselling service to adults and young people who are affected with increased anxieties and the effects of self-isolation.
09/04/2020 £4,000 SERV OBN Advice & support - As result of demand to transport COVID-19 sample our operation is now 24/7. This in turn has caused an increase in our operating costs for fuel etc.
08/04/2020 £7,820 Oxfordshire Family Support Network Oxfordshire Family Support Network is facing an unprecedented need for support from an incredibly vulnerable demographic. We are currently operating in an adapted way, without face to face contact - but continue to proactively support families. Whilst we are able to quickly adapt, the needs we are seeing dwarf the level of support we have needed to supply in the past.
08/04/2020 £8,000 Oxfordshire My Life My Choice Association Following Government advice and to ensure the health and safety of our members with a learning disability and our staff and volunteers, we have taken the decision to close our office and put all of our activities, projects and group work on hold. In order to secure the financial sustainability of the charity we have cut all unnecessary costs and taken advantage of the Government’s Staff Retention Scheme. However, we recognise that during this crisis, the physical and mental health of our members is at risk due to the loneliness, isolation, worry, confusion, and in some cases lack of support that they will experience.
08/04/2020 £8,990 Leys CDI We are setting up a programme of online and at home resources for young people aged 13-19. We will provide bespoke tutorials and any equpiment needed to access them in topics of interest to young people. We will also be providing virtual youth club spaces hosted by qualified youth workers to support young people facing disadvantage and dealing with pressure created by the pandemic.
08/04/2020 £2,900 The Wychwoods Day Centre Ltd We are closed and therefore not receiving the weekly attendance fees from members. Our major fundraiser , the Easter bazaar has had to be cancelled .We are continuing to fully employ our Coordinator to maintain at least regular weekly contact with members ( by phone , letter and e mail) and their family many of whom live away and in any case cannot visit.
08/04/2020 £4,000 Cholsey Day Centre Trust The Day Centre closed its doors before the general lockdown in recognition of the increased risk to its elderly client group. It immediately set up the Cholsey Coronavirus Support Group (CCSG) in concert with Cholsey Older Persons Activities/Befriending Service (COPA, and organised a village meeting including the Parish Council and St Marys Church. The original aim was to maintain contact with our members and contacts, but as the crisis escalated we aimed to work with and for the village, and sent out a leaflet to every household with the DC contact number as the new Cholsey Helpline.
08/04/2020 £5,000 Oxfordshire Chinese Community & Advice Centre Our main annual fund raising event, the Chinese New Year celebration in February at the Oxford Town Hall, usually attended by over 1,000 people, and subsequent smaller fundraising events, were cancelled due to the Covid-19. We lost about £20,000 income for this financial year. We are working hard to raise funds to assist our elderly, non-English speaking, vulnerable and self isolated members during this pandemic the best we can.
08/04/2020 £3,320 Banbury Muslim Mosque Society We have donated over 250 food parcels to the elderly and a further 190 to the vulnerable and a further 50 to people self isolating. Parcels are home delivered.
06/04/2020 £2,000 Didcot TRAIN Youth Project Provide online youth services for young people in a very disadvantaged area, supported by local volunteers, during this pandemic.
06/04/2020 £6,150 Aldates Community Transformation Initiatives 70 hot meals for rough sleepers in the city per day, from our kitchens.
03/04/2020 £7,650 Keen Oxfordshire All In platform of website and back-end tools for community engagement and support, data collection, mapping and coordination between organisations.
03/04/2020 £5,194 The Porch Since the beginning of the outbreak we have seen the demands for our services grow, we are now serving an average of 130 and on occasion we have served 150 meals per day.
03/04/2020 £3,446 Edge Housing - Oxford Community Church Provide crisis services for rough sleepers and those living in temporary accommodation during this pandemic.
03/04/2020 £650 Didcot TRAIN Youth Project Provide online youth services for young people in a very disadvantaged area, supported by local volunteers, during this pandemic.
03/04/2020 £5,000 Aspire Provide crisis services for rough sleepers and those living in temporary accommodation during this pandemic.
31/03/2020 £10,000 South Oxfordshire Food and Education Alliance Supply food to the more vulnerable in our communities. provide food boxes to our Community Larder members in 12 locations across Oxfordshire at no charge = 39 tonnes of food each month, providing 97,500 meals.
31/01/2020 £43,388 Archway Foundation Our Step Change is to build on the achievements and act on the evaluation of our previous Step Change Funded Project by improving our capacity to a) respond more effectively to Friends (service users) referred to us who have highly complex needs b) provide existing as well as new staff and volunteers with a higher level of training and support to give them the necessary 'tools' to deal with the challenges of their role c) extend the Individual Support Service catchment to incorporate referrals from other parts of Oxfordshire.
31/01/2020 £71,586 Bridewell Organic Gardens At 25, Bridewell has begun a programme of change to ready its staff, volunteers, governance structure, and garden site for the next 25 years. This project will invest in physical and operational infrastructure to improve our long-term impact: - Invest in marketing, communication, volunteer management to raise our profile and engagement with supporters, volunteers, referral agents, and beneficiaries - Invest in our site to make us more efficient by bringing our administrative and therapeutic teams together at the gardens - Core to this programme of change has been the appointment of a new Director and recruitment of new trustees
31/01/2020 £57,380 Home-Start Oxford We have an ambitious 3 year plan. This includes expansion of our core volunteer family support services and developing a unique specialist support group for parents and young children who have experienced domestic abuse. We are well placed to meet this need and grow our capacity. However, we cannot expand our volunteer team, supporter or referral numbers effectively with current systems. To achieve our vision, we need a ‘step change’ in 1. Communications 2. Infrastructure
31/01/2020 £47,673 Headway Headway Oxfordshire are looking to upgrade our current database to a new bespoke CRM platform that will offer us flexibility and advance reporting capabilities. The system will: - Be easy to navigate and allow staff to find information quickly and easily - Allow staff to view individual member information in one clear screen - Grant the ability to create reports on a large variety of data - Integrate with Sage Pay to enable automated creation of invoices, ensuring it takes into account the type of payment plan that clients are on and more!
27/01/2020 £5,266 St Mungo’s Distribution of funds from Winter Match fund
27/01/2020 £5,266 SMART/CJS Distribution of funds from Winter Match fund
22/01/2020 £5,266 Elmore Community Services Funding awarded re OCF Christmas Match Fund in partnership with OXPAT.
22/01/2020 £37,974 Home-Start Oxford Grant to Home-Start Oxford
22/01/2020 £50,201 Peeple Grant to Peeple
22/01/2020 £13,500 Home-Start Southern Oxfordshire Grant to Home-Start Southern Oxfordshire
22/01/2020 £5,266 Gatehouse Involvement in The Inability to Engage Pod meetings and the Lived Experience Advisory Forum.
22/01/2020 £5,266 Response Organisation Response committed to the development of OHM following attendance at the City Conversation. A Senior Manager attended 2 pods- Comms & Hard to Engage. The CEO committed to the Funding & Charter pods. Many of the 350+ residents at Response would have had no home to go to on discharge from Acute Psychiatric Care, others are housed by Response as the AHP is unsuitable for their needs. As part of our Business Strategy we are starting to develop homelessness services. Our Head of Housing is also the organisational lead for homelessness.
22/01/2020 £5,266 Connection Floating Support Team Signed Charter. Provide services in Oxfordshire giving advice on housing, mental health and independent living skills. Part of the Adult Homeless pathway and deliver rough sleepers outreach services in Oxfordshire districts.
15/01/2020 £5,266 Homeless Oxfordshire We have helped develop the movement through the Partnership & Charter Pod
15/01/2020 £5,266 The Porch One of the founder organisational members. We are represented on the steering committee
15/01/2020 £5,266 Crisis Skylight Oxford Director of Crisis Skylight Oxford has been part of the Oxford Homelessness Movement since the start. The Director has led the Inability to Engage Pod.
15/01/2020 £5,266 Aspire Aspire have been involved with the Oxford Homeless Movement from the outset as a founding member and our homelessness programmes are fully aligned with the strategic priorities of the Oxford Homeless Movement. We are very excited to be part of this Movement going forward and as ever remain committed to working in full collaboration with the Movement to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping. We are particularly excited by the role that lived experience will play within this Movement; at Aspire over 50% of our team have lived experience and this is a core aspect of our mission and values.
15/01/2020 £5,266 Emmaus Emmaus Oxford have joined the Oxford Homeless Movement to work together to address rising homelessness in our city. Emmaus Oxford gives homeless people accommodation, support and meaningful work. We run a small community which houses 28 people who have been homeless. We ask them to work in our social enterprise and over time we rebuild their skills and confidence. When they're ready we help people into employment and their own homes.
08/01/2020 £2,800 SAFE! We would like to set up an Oxfordshire Young Women's Group for girls aged 12-14 years old who have experienced victimisation by crime. The group would meet every fortnight in term time for a 90 minute session, in Oxford City centre (18 sessions in the year). The focus of the group would be empowerment and peer support. The group would be facilitated by three female workers. Each week we would provide a space for peer support but also introduce a new topic such as self-care, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, problem solving, assertive communication etc. The staff team would decide the themes for the initial sessions but over time, we would work with the young women to develop the content of the group based on their needs. We have budgeted for resources and activities and this can include inviting in professionals to share skills, for example, yoga or dance teachers. During the summer break there would be a group residential, organised and planned in part by the young women in the group.
09/12/2019 £8,000 Riverside Counselling Service The project will be based in Didcot and Berinsfield; two of the most deprived areas in the county. We work with many women and girls living with challenging social & domestic circumstances. Some have experienced domestic violence, and suicide within the family which has a huge impact on their mental health and psychological and emotional well-being. We have a clear understanding of their needs and this project will be tailored very much to support those needs. A counsellor who has experience of working with disadvantaged women and girls with similar mental health needs will be availible in each location one day a week. They would be working from venues in the community offering local support to the women and girls. It would enable us to liaise with local GPs, schools, and other support agencies. Counselling will be flexible to meet the individuals needs. Some women and girls may need a shorter intervention lasting several months, while others will need longer term support. The parents/carer of the young person would have access to support. From our work with girls and young people we have found that parents preferred to received individual support with their child rather than in a group setting. We will provide this through face to face, telephone or email contact.
09/12/2019 £9,300 Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre The funding will be used to support out counselling service for women across Oxfordshire who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives, building on the knowledge and experience we have developed since launching the counselling service in 2015. Survivors are offered up to 48 one to one sessions of trauma-informed, person-centred counselling, Counselling is delivered by volunteers, who have achieved or are working towards appropriate counselling qualifications, and who have also undergone rigorous specialist training within OSARCC on sexual violence and its impacts. The service is coordinated by a paid Counselling Coordinator. We provided counselling support to 56 women in 2018/19 and aim to support 60 women in the next 12 months. We currently have 11 volunteer counsellors, and will carry out three rounds of volunteer recruitment in the coming year to ensure that we are able to maintain and increase volunteer numbers. Our counselling approach, informed by our empowering, non-directive and non-judgemental core values, has proven effective in providing support to survivors. Last year, 89% of service users who gave feeedback reported a better understanding of their situation and what they could do about it, 75% experienced better health and wellbeing, 78% felt more able to access the support they needed, and 88% more able to assert their rights.Comments from service-users include: 'It's been incredibly positive. I feel very lucky to have found's changed my life'
09/12/2019 £6,480 Oxfordshire Breastfeeding Support We will provide 48 weekly 2-hour Sunday breastfeeding drop-in support sessions in partnership with Donnington Doorstep Family Centre. Led by a specialist Facilitator, assisted by trained all-women volunteers (peer supporters and breastfeeding counsellors), our sessions will provide skilled assistance with feeding and social and emotional support to women at a critical life stage; the transition to becoming a mother. Specifically we aim to: 1. Make contact with 150 women & their families. 2. 30% of visitors will attend more than one drop-in session, enhancing their opportunity to connect and form sustainable support networks within the OBS community. 3. Recruit at least two mothers to the 2020-21 cohort of volunteer OBS peer supporter trainees, including at least one mother from a BME group, who will contribute to supporting families via OBS both face to face and online. These assumptions are based on data from our existing 4 weekly drop-in sessions. With over 13 years’ experience of running this service (previously known as Oxford Baby Cafes Group, founded in 2006), and an in-depth understanding of local needs thanks to close contact with service users and referrers, we are confident that these estimates are achievable.
09/12/2019 £5,965 Oxfordshire My Life My Choice Association Over 12 months, we will run a pilot women’s group for women with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire. This will consist of 1 month set up and content creation, 10 monthly meetings and 1 month of evaluation to assess the impact of the project on the women involved and look to develop it into an ongoing project if successful. Each of the 10 monthly meetings will last 3 hours and will consist of some training or group learning on a topic that affects women with learning disabilities such as sexual health, growing older, relationships, and work. This will be followed by a group discussion on the topic and other issues that may be affecting the members. Members will lead the structure and approach of the group and each session will be led by a facilitator and paid co-facilitator with learning disabilities. Both the member of staff and the co-facilitator will be women to ensure the group is open and accessible for women to express their concerns and receive support from fellow women.
09/12/2019 £9,800 Oxford Against Cutting We will deliver 14 workshops to community groups, young people, schools and professionals to raise awareness about FGM and forced marriage. The workshops will be delivered by our facilitators, women from affected communities, some of whom are survivors of FGM and forced marriage, and this makes learning "real". The project will help prevent FGM and forced marriage by ensuring that workshop participants can recognise the warning signs, build confidence in talking about these practices and know where to get help and support. Our evaluation of previous training work demonstrates that our workshops are powerful and support these realistic outcomes. In addition, we have noticed that many school staff have informal conversations about children they many not have previously considered to be at risk of these practices, following our training. We will offer groups and schools a package of workshops, on FGM, HBA/forced marriage and body image, to support their communities. Our proposal supports proportionality as we will encourage schools to ensure staff teams participate in our specialist safeguarding workshops first, before we run lessons, to ensure they are equipped to respond sensitively and proportionately to any safeguarding concerns. We will then run student workshops, tailored for the group's demographics, ages and support needs. We will invite teachers or professionals to join our workshops so they are confident to deliver sensitive material on honour and FGM in future sessions.
04/12/2019 £25,000 Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Grant to Alexander Devine Children's Hospice
04/12/2019 £2,500 Aspire Grant to Aspire
18/11/2019 £15,000 Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre We will make a ‘step change’ in the extent to which survivors from under-served groups access our services. This will build on our growth to date, and reflects our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and to ensuring that all survivors across Oxfordshire can access the support they need. It supports objectives outlined in our new Strategic Plan. We will focus particularly on working with older survivors, those who live in rural areas, and those in BAMER communities. These groups are currently under represented among our service-users and are likely to face specific barriers in accessing appropriate support.
18/11/2019 £40,000 Oxford Against Cutting We will take strides to increase our income through: the promotion of a suite of workshops for private schools and a delivery target of 18 days of workshops over 2 years (Stride 1). We will deliver a research project on social media influencers (Stride 2). We anticipate that our research will support further investment in social media work to attract new funding and awareness-raising (Stride 3). We will increase the size of our facilitation team, up-skilling 5 new facilitators from affected communities to deliver workshops on HBA and body image.
14/11/2019 £50,000 The Mindfulness Initiative We will use the grant to support the launch and continuation of The Mindful Workplace Community, the purpose of which is to support the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. We are periodically contacted by people championing mindfulness initiatives in their workplaces, who require support and mentorship and want to contribute their time to help create more human offices (addressing current issues around mental health and well-being, employee engagement, etc.) . In order to meet this need, we would like to create communities, providing these pioneers (working in a nascent field with little regulation) a space in which they can feel supported, access information about best practice and share their knowledge and experiences. The idea is to create several communities to address different populations with specific requirements: champions (for people implementing mindfulness within their organisations who require support, guidance, networking and mentoring), leaders (for VPs and above at companies with large number of employees), trainers (to engage suppliers of mindfulness training in the workplace and help them define and implement best practices), working groups (for people who want to volunteer their time and help us create publications and organise events). We will host events for these communities as well as for the general public. Initially, we would like to have 5 smaller salon events addressed to different groups to generate community, 1 trainer-specific event (workplace trainers do not have anything like this on offer where they can meet with other trainers anywhere else at the moment) and 1 flagship pioneer awards ceremony to engage larger corporates, get media attention and reward best practice, per year. The grant funds will be used to cover the following (figures provided are estimates and subject to change): ● 1 community manager to support the communities, organise events, manage comms, etc.; Base salary £30,000 per year ● 5 salon events costing £600 each (to cover catering, photographer and marketing) - total of £3,000; Venues to be provided by members of the group ● 1 trainer event costing £2,000 (including catering, photographer, marketing and venue hire) ● 1 flagship pioneer awards event costing £5,000 (this includes premium venue hire, catering, photographer, marketing materials) ● Other costs (e.g. design work, annual exclusive community events, additional mar-keting materials, website design and maintenance) £10,000
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