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Lankelly Chase
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Longstanding UK charity. Preference for Birmingham area

Grants made

Over the last five years they've made 153 significant donations totalling £16,536,937

When Amount Grantee To be used for
28/02/2018 £154,545 Hope into Action Core funding
28/02/2018 £197,925 Goldsmiths College Core funding
28/02/2018 £25,000 Transforming Choice CIC Core costs support
28/02/2018 £104,400 The Children's Society Development of the Systems Changers programme for the youth sector
31/01/2018 £43,717 Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Love Barrow Families project
31/12/2017 £247,272 The Young Foundation - Agenda Core funding for AGENDA
30/11/2017 £10,000 Public Law Project Exploring the use of strategic litigation as a tool for systems change.
30/11/2017 £118,004 Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust To support operational costs of the Birmingham SEMH Pathfinder .The project demonstrates a trauma-informed and multidisciplinary approach to working with disadvantaged children and their families.
31/10/2017 £20,000 Social Innovation Exchange To be one of a number of funders supporting the International Funders Node for one year, to deepen existing connections and relationships and expand the network
30/09/2017 £121,200 Our Sorority Core funding for Our Sorority to continue supporting women and girls facing SMD in Birmingham and inform the response of services interacting with them
30/09/2017 £150,000 Collaborate CIC To support work in Barking and Dagenham and Gateshead, including associates learning communities and communications in local areas.
30/09/2017 £200,000 Corra Foundation To continue to support Corra’s People in Place work across 9 areas in Scotland.
30/09/2017 £112,500 National Survivor User Network ‘Re-igniting the space’ for BAME mental health service user and survivor voice, building support and momentum through networks of community organisations, groups and activists.
30/09/2017 £278,181 Homeless Link Three year core costs support to Expert Link to develop their training programme, build their network and engage with wider audiences
31/08/2017 £400,000 Family Rights Group To continue support and development of the 'Your Family, Your Voice' alliance - a mixed alliance of families who have had contact with the child protection system and professionals working in the system.
31/08/2017 £50,000 Transforming Choice A core grant to continue the work of Transforming Choice to detox and rehabilitate people who are experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage.
31/07/2017 £48,362 Public Law Project To explore the use of strategic ligitation as a tool for systems change.
31/07/2017 £223,875 National Survivor User Network Core funding for the Insight project who support organisations to develop their service user involvement infrastructure through an in-depth consultancy model, from audit and assessment of current operations through to designing and implementing recommendations for improvement.
30/06/2017 £284,011 Leeds GATE A grant to cover core costs for Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange, building on their Asset Based Community Development work a
30/06/2017 £122,757 Revolving Doors Research Network To continue to host the Research Network on SMD for three years
30/04/2017 £138,652 Local Solutions Final phase of work with Local Solutions, to feed their work into their wider organisation for change and out into local networks and providers, and to collect and share their learning though a 'guide to support'
30/04/2017 £10,000 Centre for Social Justice Support for the Housing First initiative to be presented at party conferences
30/04/2017 £137,257 Camerados CIC To support core costs and project funding for the rapid micro-business programmes
30/04/2017 £92,724 Public Law Project Exploring the use of strategic litigation as tool for systems change, and to commission a learning partner and support to help other organisations engage with the work.
30/04/2017 £250,000 Arts at the Old Fire Station 5-year core funding whilst exploring together how to create the conditions for place based change.
30/04/2017 £20,000 The Young Foundation Scoping work with AGENDA, part of the result of which will include a publishable paper reviewing gendered approaches to place-based work
31/03/2017 £15,800 York Road Homeless Project Human Language' project - Rewriting organisational signs and policy documents to help change mind-sets and internal language.
31/03/2017 £273,542 BAC-IN CIC Two years support for Project Ahryzen, including support for a learning partner
28/02/2017 £10,000 The Barrow Cadbury Trust To continue to support joint work between funders and race equality organisations to discuss practice and priority areas for action
28/02/2017 £233,677 The Winchester Project To support the development of the North Camden Promise Zone/Children's Zone
31/01/2017 £10,185 Arts at the Old Fire Station To support the Marmalade 2017 social change festival
31/01/2017 £22,000 Pritpal S Tamber Ltd For development of the UK Creating Health Collaborative
31/01/2017 £15,000 Centre for Local Economic Strategies Limited/CLES To support additional time for the participating partners of the ‘Elephants’ series of conversations bringing together local stakeholders from different levels and perspectives.
30/11/2016 £100,000 Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland To support Place-based work in Scotland
30/11/2016 £10,000 Social Innovation Exchange/SIX To support the 'Unusual Suspects' collaborative events bringing together social innovators, practitioners and experts to accelerate social change
30/11/2016 £24,205 New Philanthropy Capital To research whether theories of change affect or facilitate systems thinking
30/11/2016 £165,000 Together for Mental Wellbeing To support Together with building relationships in York to encourage systemic change in responding to complex distress, and deliver their Pathway model
31/10/2016 £179,426 Edinburgh Cyrenians To continue to employ a keyworker to provide direct support to individuals; to embed and mainstream change in the organisation; and to influence wider systemic change
31/10/2016 £1,245,343 Queen Mary University of London To set up and run a new ‘Knowledge Hub’ initiative on ethnic inequalities, mental health and multiple disadvantage.
31/10/2016 £51,637 Unlimited Potential re Salford Dadz Evaluation costs relating to existing grant
31/10/2016 £150,866 Cumbria Partnership NHS FT/Love Barrow Families To support the second year of the Love Barrow Families partnership, working with families where children are at risk of child protection orders
31/10/2016 £100,000 Justlife Foundation Ltd To support the first year of developing a team dedicated to UK-wide system change in the area of Unsupported Temporary Accommodation over the next five years
31/10/2016 £40,500 Locality (UK) To engage Locality to work in two areas supporting place-based system change initially over 6 months
31/10/2016 £100,000 Collaborate CIC To work in two localities to support place-based system change initiatives over 12 months
30/09/2016 £65,000 Our Sorority CIC Core funding to support the development of their Theory of Change, explore and develop relationships in Birmingham and continue to work to improve the lives of women
30/09/2016 £22,305 Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Operational support to the local Pathfinder project on educational exclusion
30/09/2016 £80,000 Transforming Choice CIC Core support for Transforming Choice's operations during a period of uncertainty in the local statutory environment
30/09/2016 £90,000 Homeless Link (host organisation for Expert Link) To continue to support Expert Link’s leader to develop an initiative on lived experience and leadership, raising awareness and capturing feedback on the tools developed thus far
31/08/2016 £28,040 Healthwatch Lambeth To support the consolidation phase of the Lambeth Black Wellbeing Partnership addresing ethnic inequalities in the mental health system
31/08/2016 £20,000 WomenCentre Limited To continue to build on activity and learning of recent years, including Vanguard method practitioner training.
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