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Charity first registered in the UK on 07/06/1999 no: 1075862
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UN Sustainable Development Goals
3 Good health & wellbeing
5 Gender Equality
10 Reduced Inequalities

What it does

Street Teams operates Keep Safe, a multi-faceted prevention programme involving community outreach work, workshops and alternative learning schemes, education and training programmes with schools, education and health professionals, and specialist work with gangs, boys, and other young people deemed at high risk. Street Teams is part of a network of specialist national and regional agencies tackling the sexual exploitation of children in the UK. Street Teams works alongside the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People, as well as being a member of local and regional strategic CSE, missing and trafficking groups. Our work is underpinned by the Principles for Effective Practice set out in the regional See Me Hear Me Framework.

How it works

Provides ServicesProvides Advocacy/advice/information

Where it operates


Who it helps

Children/young People
Other Defined Groups

Donations received

Over the last five years they've received significant donations from 8 grant making charities totalling £773,941

When Amount Donor To be used for
31/12/2018 £10,000 Garfield Weston Foundation Targeted Early Intervention
31/08/2018 £60,000 Esmee Fairbairn Towards developing and delivering innovative responses to issues facing children and young people experiencing all forms of exploitation and grooming.
31/08/2017 £1,000 Heart Of England Community Foundation Grant to Street Teams
31/05/2017 £90,000 Henry Smith Charity towards three years' continuation funding of the 'Keep Safe Prevention Programme', a project in the West Midlands specialising in helping children and young people affected by sexual exploitation
28/03/2017 £75,000 Lloyds Bank Foundation Increased capacity for a Walsall based charity to support young people at risk of sexual exploitation through the transition from childhood to adulthood. It will ensure that vulnerable adults continue to access holistic support.
31/01/2016 £33,202 Paul Hamlyn Foundation This Youth Fund grant will increase the hours of the currently part-time Head of Service post for two years, which will allow Street Teams to further focus on strengthening the fundraising strategy and developing a number of key project initiatives. The learning from these will inform the wider child sexual exploitation prevention agenda locally and potentially nationally.
10/06/2015 £15,000 Lloyds Bank Foundation Pilot work to research consult and evidence the level of need for services targeting young adults aged 18 - 24 who are leaving care and have a history of sexual exploitation or are at risk of it.
30/04/2015 £123,681 Comic Relief Keep Safe
21/10/2014 £282,558 National Lottery Not Available
28/02/2014 £83,500 Henry Smith Charity towards three years' running costs of a project working with vulnerable young people at risk of, or affected by, sexual exploitation, grooming and trafficking in the West Midlands

Financial Data
Y/E Income Expenditure Surplus Assets Months
Employees Volunteers
31/03/2018 £472,198 £408,134 £64,064 0
31/03/2017 £342,380 £328,843 £13,537 0
31/03/2016 £320,413 £273,049 £47,364 0
31/03/2015 £190,927 £165,781 £25,146 0
31/03/2014 £219,600 £244,652 -£25,052 0
31/03/2013 £214,416 £259,429 -£45,013 0
31/03/2012 £298,025 £281,509 £16,516 0
31/03/2011 £257,875 £289,373 -£31,498 0
31/03/2010 £338,426 £304,953 £33,473 0
31/03/2009 £201,168 £237,950 -£36,782 0
31/03/2008 £216,865 £217,487 -£622 0
31/03/2007 £196,283 £200,662 -£4,379 0
31/03/2006 £194,002 £149,384 £44,618 0
31/03/2005 £132,208 £151,645 -£19,437 0
31/03/2004 £130,878 £83,334 £47,544 0


This charity has 5 registered trustees.

  • Clarence Crosdale
  • Florence Owusu
  • Garry Butterfield
  • Stephen Maxwell Kirk
  • Susan Budd