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Please note that we are not currently accepting unsolicited applications for funding as we are concentrating on our existing relationships.

About us

EQ Foundation is a registered charitable institution that has donated over £2,000,000 since 2015 to carefully selected charities and social enterprises. It has also developed two innovative initiatives to help donors discover the most effective charities.

Giving is Great is a free access database of all UK charities with sophisticated analytics to help identify the most effective.

Tythe is a donations platform that makes it simple to make regular donations to a curated list of environmental charities.

See below for further information and details of our grants can be found here

Giving is Great is a website dedicated to making it simpler to identify highly effective charities. In our experience, most people give money reactively, in response to an 'ask' and never really feel comfortable with their decision. So we've looked at some of the principles that work when selecting investments to provide a basis for making better selections. Try it now.

Tythe is a donation platform that allows people to make modest sized, regular donations to a fund of climate action charities that we have analysed and found to be effective. Subscribers benefit from monthly updates on key developments from the charities and are shielded from requests to donate more. Further details here

Ukraine Fund

We have created a fund of highly respected charities that are active within Ukraine but do not benefit from the DEC Appeal. This fund is available for donations via Tythe and initially all donations (up to £1,000 each) will be matched 100% by The EQ Foundation. Further details....

Our Impact

Download our latest impact report and financial statements to see which themes attract us and our impact so far.

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